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ethikabio products translate the incredible potential of Brazilian biodiversity. Our honey is 100% residue free because it is made by the bees from wild flower sources in a region of Brazil where nature is primeval and preserved. Far away from large farms or urban centers, the landscape of the Caatinga and semi-desert Brazilian ecosystems guarantee our products have not only a unique aroma and a sophisticated flavor, but also that they are natural, healthy, organic and 100% residue free, a real treasure.

The quality assurance of all ethikabio products are guaranteed by the qualified analysis of every batch, by their traceability, and also by the certification of recognized international seals:

Bio Suisse Bourgeon: indicates the organic production, processing and the sales of sustainable products.

fair trade ibd

IBD Fair Trade: offered exclusively to organic products of companies that practice fair trade with human, social and environmental development in sight in the area where they operate.

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Aroeira Forest honey

Liquid honey with a dark amber hue, very slow to crystallize, and presenting high density and viscosity. It’s a honey with high levels of phenolic compounds, high rate of invertase and  high electric conductivity, with a well known anti-inflammatory and healing property.